Our group is an incredible tribe of travel passionate individuals who love the company and companionship of other like-minded travelers. Traveling together, experiencing new things with others is all part of the journey. The foundation of this group is built on a positive mindset and amazing travel experiences.

Founded Nov 8 2012 with the mission of having like-minded individuals travel and experience this beautiful world together. We are a very young organization of passionate travelers. We’ve had over 93% growth from 2013 to 2014. Our community is built on relationships and local interaction to create a bond in an organization like no other. Our core values are: Passion. People. Positive. Purpose. We strictly hold these core values to heart, as they created the foundation that was established from day one. We support responsible travel and tourism.

Our goal is to enrich lives; both ours –and the lives of others. In 2017, the creators of the group will travel to the Philippines to scout property to create a community garden for a region that was affected by the devastating typhoon Haiyan. Additionally, while they are there, they will purchase rice and fresh water for those who live in the slums in the outskirts of Manila.This is called Project Isa. More projects will be added.

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Tribe of the TRVLR ™
Our Core – Passion. People. Positive. Purpose

“There are those of us who like to venture to the unexplored to see the beauty in the strange and unknown. Those of us who go out there with a sense of wonder bridging worlds cultivating our curiosity and finding delight in our differences. If you’re one of us, and you want to explore more of this great planet, we’re ready to take you there. It’s time. Widen your world.” Turkish Airlines Ad.

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