Become an Organizer

An Organizer is a person who volunteers, coordinates and manages a specific chapter for social events and activities. They act as the chapter leader. There can be more than one Organizer per chapter.

We are looking for outgoing individuals who live in a metropolitan area who have an immense passion for travel, positive minded, socially active, handles situations well, excellent communication, excels in organization.


Actively grow membership. Organize and attend local meet & greet events.


Earn travel credit and merchandise

Candidate Must Have ALL of these Characteristics:

Positive attitude        Social skills

Active social accounts    People pleaser

Problem solver        Proactive

Mediator            Organizational skills

Leadership skills        Decision maker / can make executive decisions

Compassion            Sales skills

Travel experience        Excellent communication


You will have the opportunity to earn travel benefits, swag, and be a leader of an awesome, growing travel club. Who’s in?

If you are interested, please email

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