Become a TRVL Ambassador

A TRVL AMBASSADOR is a person who volunteers, coordinates and manages a specific chapter for social events and activities. They act as the chapter leader.

We are looking for outgoing individuals who live in a metropolitan area who have an immense passion for travel, positive minded, socially active, handles situations well, excellent communication, excels in organization.


Actively grow membership. Organize and attend local meet & greet events.

Candidate Must Have ALL of these Characteristics:

Positive attitude        Social skills

Active social accounts    People pleaser

Problem solver        Proactive

Mediator            Organizational skills

Leadership skills        Decision maker / can make executive decisions

Compassion            Sales skills

Travel experience        Excellent communication


You will have the opportunity to earn travel benefits, swag, and be a leader of an awesome, growing travel club. Who’s in?

If you are interested, please fill out the form below, and Troi will be in touch with you.

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