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We are looking for sponsors who are passionate about our for-purpose organization, vision, and projects. Partnering with STG will get your brand in front of a large active group of people looking to travel. Sponsoring our group will allow us to continue to grow our membership and create awareness of our humanitarian and environmental projects. It will also help with the fundamentals of organizing, administration, and to help provide the tools and resources to develop leadership and volunteer teams.

We are a very young organization of passionate travelers. We went from 2 members to 5,100 members within five short years, and our growth has not slowed down. Our community is built on relationships and local interaction to create a bond in an organization like no other. Our core values are: Passion. People. Positive. Purpose. We strictly hold these core values to heart, as they created the foundation that was established from day one. We want to establish lasting sponsorship relationships with companies that also have similar values to our organization.

We are currently seeking (but not limited to): Appeal sponsors, Travel sponsors, Social & Event sponsors, Media sponsors, & In-Kind sponsors.

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Local – Central PA


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